The monthly plan provides the convenience of washing as defined below for a monthly price. The plan requires authorization for Blue Sky Car Wash to charge the cost of the plan to the credit card you provide on the same day each month. The program can be canceled by either party. Participation requires a remote frequency identification (RFID) tag to be installed on the vehicle. The tag may not be moved, removed, damaged or used with a different car. The monthly fee may be increased without notice, but should be posted at Blue Sky Car Wash 30 days before it changes.

1. The monthly plan cannot be combined with other discounts, coupons, gift cards or other offers.
2. Washes available during business hours. Holidays, weather and equipment failure could alter normal business hours.
3. Program is for personal vehicles only, not fleet vehicles, taxis, limos, or other business vehicles.
4. The RFID tag remains the property of Blue Sky Car Wash and must be surrendered upon request if the tag is tampered with or the program is used in any way not consistent with terms and conditions.
5. Customer must be at least 18 years old to sign up for the monthly plan.
6. If the credit card is declined or not able to be charged because it is expired, the plan will be deactivated.
7. Customer must contact Blue Sky Car Wash if contact or billing information changes.
8. TO CANCEL: Customer must submit a cancellation request through (link above). A cancellation form can also be completed at the car wash. Plan cannot be cancelled over the phone.
9. Please cancel 3 days or more before billing date to avoid the next charge.
10. Once billed, no refunds or credits will be issued.


Unlimited washing at one low price!

Like to wash your car - a lot? Then a monthly plan is perfect for you. Pay one price, wash every day if you want and enjoy the convenience of automatic monthly billing to your credit card. After just three washes per month, the savings add up quickly!

Just sign up at Blue Sky Car Wash and we'll install a small electronic tag (RFID) on your windshield. When you pull up to the gate, the reader verifies your tag and opens the gate. It's that easy.